Former 6th district candidate challenges Rep. Goodlatte to debate

Published: Apr. 4, 2017 at 11:59 AM EDT
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A former candidate for the 6th district in the US House of Representatives is challenging Congressman Bob Goodlatte to a debate.

Andy Schmookler, who

, delivered a letter to Goodlatte's Harrisonburg District Office on April 4th, asking that he debate him by the end of the month on the proposition that "We, the American people have probable cause to believe that President Donald Trump poses a threat to our constitutional order."

Schmookler cites the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election and the president's involvement as one of the issues at stake

"To have people accept that this is going to be the case, I think it's almost a 'throw in the towel' on preserving the gift our founders gave us," said Shmookler, who says he may be challenging Goodlatte, but does not plan to run against him again.

Schmookler wants Goodlatte to either agree to the debate by April 14, agree to the proposition or begin "conducting honest hearings" as the


In his letter, Schmookler writes that those hearings should be the "kind appropriate under the present circumstance for the House committee responsible for bring charges of impeachment."

"I would like for him to feel additional public pressure to do the job that he swore an oath to do, he didn't swear an oath to defend the Republican party," said Schmookler.

If Goodlatte does not agree, Schmookler says he will take his challenge to the Republican Party's 6th district committee, asking it to send an individual to debate on his proposition that "Bob Goodlatte is violating his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

In his letter, Schmookler says that proposition would follow the previous one about President Trump. Schmookler says he will be ready to debate on location regardless of if the committee sends anyone.

You can find a link to Schmookler's full challenge in the 'Related Documents' section of this article or by simply


WHSV reached out to Representative Bob Goodlatte's office and received the following comment from Beth Breeding, the Communications Director for Congressman Goodlatte, on his behalf:

"Mr. Schmookler is apparently unaware the election is over and the time for governing has come. Congressman Goodlatte is working hard in Washington this week, including taking actions to protect free speech on college campuses, hold North Korea accountable for their oppressive and violent regime, and cut the red tape holding back American innovators from creating quality jobs here in the Valley, and every week to protect the constitutional rights of Sixth District constituents."