Friendly City Food Co-op begins turkey sales for Thanksgiving

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — The Friendly City Food Co-op has started taking orders for local turkeys from Polyface Farms to make sure people in the Valley can have a fresh, local turkey on their tables.

The Friendly City Food Co-op has started taking orders for fresh, local Thanksgiving turkeys | Photo: WHSV

Alex Hulvey, the meat buyer for the Friendly City Food Co-op, said they must take orders to make sure everyone is able to get the turkey they want for the holiday.

"We have such a limited number of turkeys due to our size, we want to make sure that people get the size they want for their family, and the type of turkey they want, and if they wait till the last second, they might not be able to get the exactly right kind of turkey that they want," said Hulvey.

People who place an order can sign up for the size and variety of turkey they would like by going to the store and asking an employee or filling out a sheet online and emailing the form to the co-op.

Hulvey said that the demand for these kinds of turkeys has risen throughout the past years.

"I think people always feel good purchasing local, because they know it wasn't shipped from across the country in a freezer truck or anything like that," said Hulvey.

The co-op is fundraising to expand right now and its goal is to be able to offer turkeys from as many different local farms as possible next year.

Polyface Farms turkeys are free range and fed grains with non-GMO's.

Orders will be taken until November 20, 2019.