GRAPHIC: Real estate agent attacked at Calif. open house

ENCINO, Calif. (KCAL/KCBS/CNN) - A terrifying attack on a real estate agent in California happened during an open house, and it was caught on camera.

A real estate agent was attacked on the front porch while hosting an open house in Encino, Calif. (Source: KCAL, KCBS, Keller-Williams Realty, CNN)

Even though she doesn't want to be identified, she's speaking in the hope of finding the man who did this to prevent another attack.

"I think he would've raped me, that's number one, and he would have killed me," she said.

She was showing a home Sunday when it happened, and it left her leg battered. She said his name was Tom, and she got a funny feeling before the attack.

She moved their conversation to the porch hoping he would leave, but he kept asking questions.

"He said, 'Well, can I show you the closet?' I said, 'No, I'm going to stand out here," the real estate agent said. "He said, 'Can I have water?' I said, 'The fridge is right there in the kitchen, you can walk, open the fridge.' And he said, 'Can I use the bathroom?' I said, 'No, the owner doesn't allow anyone to use the bathroom.'"

They can be heard on video talking on the porch, and the man even looked at the camera twice and took off his hat, giving a clear view of his bald head and face.

She said when he pushed her, he grabbed her chest. She thought he was trying to grab her necklace but then he took off.

She thinks screaming saved her life.

"I said no matter what I'm just going to keep screaming until I get help," she said.

She said she's unsure if she will continue with the job.

It wasn't the first time she saw the man. She said he came to her open house on a bike last week, and her gut told her something was strange.

She had a friend stay with her at the open house Sunday for most of the day, but when her friend left that's when Tom showed up.

"I was so lucky," she said. "I had a feeling from day one that this person is going to hurt me."

The agent says she thinks her attacker may have had a partner. She saw another man walk by before the attack whom she recognized from the open house the previous week.

Police are investigating but had not arrested anyone by Monday.

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