Goodlatte rallies for Cline as Election Day nears

Goodlatte introduces Ben Cline to the applause of the crowd at the GOP headquarters.
Goodlatte introduces Ben Cline to the applause of the crowd at the GOP headquarters.(WHSV)
Published: Nov. 3, 2018 at 3:57 PM EDT
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With three days to go until the midterm, Rep. Bob Goodlatte rallied for the Republican hoping to succeed him in the U.S. House at the party's headquarters on Saturday in Harrisonburg.

State Delegate Ben Cline, who will face off against Democratic mental health worker Jennifer Lewis on Tuesday, worked for Goodlatte and served as his Chief of Staff.

The retiring congressman noted Cline's prior experience in government.

"He already understands the legislative process. He already understands how Capitol Hill works, he's ready to hit the ground running," Goodlatte said. "But he's also somebody who is independent minded, who will stand up and speak for himself."

During his final term, Goodlatte has become a steadfast supporter of President Donald Trump and his policies.

State Del. Steve Landes and State Senator Mark Obenshain also attended Saturday's get together.

Independent analysts consider Virginia's 6th District a safe bet for Cline. Despite containing the cities of Roanoke and Harrisonburg, which traditionally vote Democratic, Goodlatte has enjoyed a sizable lead in votes cast since 1992. In 2016, he beat out competitor Kai Degner by more than 30 points.

Lewis plans to attend a get out to vote effort on Sunday in Rockingham County.