Gov. Northam’s G3 initiative might bring jobs to community colleges across the state

A student's FAFSA can at time be selected for federal verification and would need a tax return transcript from the IRS to be approved.
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) — In his State of the Commonwealth address, Governor Ralph Northam proposed an initiative his team is calling G3: get skilled, get a job, and give back. The plan would allow some students to attend a two-year college tuition-free and may also create jobs at those colleges across the state.

“We’re going to need to do the marketing to make sure people are aware of this new opportunity, which programs it will apply to, what kinds of jobs are available in those programs," said Piedmont Virginia Community College President Frank Friedman. "So we have a major communication issue and then, depending on student enrollment, we might have to expand faculty.”

Part of that messaging will begin at high schools across the state as teens explore their post secondary options.

Albemarle County Public Schools has a plan to help students figure out their interests through apprenticeship development.

“In work and community-based learning, we’re looking to do even more to align experiences of meaning and purpose for each student who graduates,” said Kimberly Link, Albemarle Public Schools’ community based learning coordinator.

The initiative will target low and middle income students who choose to enter certain industries including health care, information technology, and public safety.