Grand Caverns pool to be closed this summer for renovations

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GROTTOES, Va. (WHSV) — This summer, the pool at Grand Caverns Park will remain closed for a long-awaited overhaul.

Last week, the Town of Grottoes announced in a Facebook post that, due to the condition of the pool, it will be closed for renovations until next year.

The town has owned the pool since 2009, and since then, park staff has made many minor repairs over time to the decades-old pool.

But now, town officials have determined it would be unsafe to continue to keep the pool open in its current condition.

The town is still discussing what the renovations will look like, but officials said renovations will be carried out by a contractor.

With the pool being closed for the entire summer and no other options for miles around, many visitors are upset with the sudden renovation plans.

"I think that's a nonsensical thing to do, I mean it's a place where kids come and have fun, probably one of the closest and only places kids can get to ," Maureen Sward, a park visitor, said.

Nathan Garrison, the town manager who previously worked as a lifeguard at the pool, said although they did not want to close the pool for the summer, they determined it to be the safest and best decision for the community.

Other residents thanked the town for their concerns and said they cannot wait to see what the pool will look like in the future.

"I mean, people bring out all their families, their kids, their dogs, and their grandparents ,it's important you make it a safe space for everyone to enjoy during the summer months," Christa Langley, a park visitor, said.

Town officials said they hope to have the renovations done and the pool open by Summer 2020.