Great weather websites for educators and parents

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HARRISONBURG, Va (WHSV) — Need something for your kids to do while you are at home? Here are some great weather websites for your kids to use to learn about the weather:
Owlie is the National Weather Service’s friendly learning owl. Owlie has a journal where important tips are documented along with some inside scoop on what forecasters at the National Weather Service do.

Another thing that Owlie has is a place to learn about certain important weather criteria such as the jet stream. Owlie also has a section titled “Weird Weather” that shows you some of the interesting and rare weather phenomena that can occur and the basis to why it occurs.

Owlie also has a section on weather tips on what to do if a disaster were to strike your area.
This website has an application in understanding how ocean currents interact with land masses. One cool thing that can be done with this application is that the user gets to pick scenarios in which certain land masses and ocean currents interact. The application will then ask you what weather should be expected given the scenario you choose. This is based off the springtime.
This website moves more into the science aspect of weather. This website has a section on how clouds form and even has games to play on learning basic clouds. Not only does this website touch on basic weather and big weather events that have impacted the world, it also shows you how to conduct fun at home experiments!
This website goes more into how weather impacts the earth and our ecosystems, along with our way of life. If you are looking to learn more about climate change, this is a good site to use because it goes into the science of climate change.

For example, the site has lessons on how carbon is a key factor in climate change. It then also goes into impacts of what climate change does to the earth and distinguishes the difference between climate and weather.

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