Group Marches for Veteran Suicide-Prevention Awareness

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WOODSTOCK, Va. (WHSV) -- Every day, an estimated 22 veterans commit suicide. A group in the Valley took to the streets to raise awareness on Sunday.

Sgt. Andy Springer is a combat veteran. He said, now that he has made strides in dealing with his own post-traumatic stress disorder, he is working to help other veterans struggling after war.

He leads Team Shenandoah for Active Heroes. Sunday they walked through Woodstock to raise awareness about the suicide rate among veterans.

It's something very personal to Springer: "I've lost eight of my friends in combat; I've been to two dozen military funerals or more," said Springer. "War has changed my life."

Springer said anyone looking to help the cause can donate to Active Heroes, which is working to build a veterans' retreat in Kentucky.

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