Nonprofit aims to build homes faster for families in need

Abraham's sister and her family will be moving into the other home built next door.
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — The dedication of two new homes on Sunday built by Central Valley Habitat for Humanity marked the start of a push by the nonprofit to construct more homes in a shorter timespan for families in need.

Construction on the newest structures — two duplexes located on Roberts Court in Harrisonburg — began in March 2018.

"I'm so grateful and happy that I couldn't even control my feelings," Abraham Tesfamarian, who received one of the homes, said.

The nonprofit plans to increase the number of homes it constructs annually. While the Habitat for Humanity affiliate usually constructs one to two homes every year, it now plans to build three or four.

"With the changing of times, we still have a large need for all different types of families," David Wenger, executive director of Central Valley Habitat for Humanity, said. "Our board members believe that we can try to help with affordable housing in the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County area."

The nonprofit has constructed 64 homes during its existence. More homes are planned for the coming year — including two houses on Kelly Street, another duplex on Roberts Court and a single-family home in Timberville.