Harrisonburg Police introduce new crime fighting initiative

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV)-- Thursday morning, community members had the opportunity to meet their neighborhood officers in Harrisonburg, as well as learn about the launch of Harrisonburg Police's new crime-fighting initiative.

The new initiative, "Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety", also known as "D-DACTS," looks at areas of the city where traffic crashes and crime are most common, and increases officers and resources in those areas.

Starting on Saturday, police will increase the number of officers patrolling in such areas. They will also be working to educate and involve community members in their efforts to reduce the amount of crime and crashes in the area.

"They can start to expect to see more police presence, whether it be traffic stops or officers out on the street talking to people, they can see more presence," explained Lt. Pete Ritchie, who helped to spear-head the effort.

Police also encourage community members to share their concerns with officers and report crimes in the neighborhood.

Lt. Ritchie added, "When the community sees us out here now making more enforcement, and making more of those contacts, they understand what's going on and it gives them a little more impetus to participate as they can in the process".

Harrisonburg Police hope to reduce crime by 10 percent in the D-DACTS zone.