Harrisonburg's Westover Pool not opening for Memorial Day

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — In Harrisonburg, Westover Pool will not open in time for Memorial Day weekend, but the city is working on a phased plan, much like Governor Ralph Northam's for the state, but tailored locally, to get the pool, Heritage Oaks Golf Course and other buildings back open safely.

Credit: WHSV

"We're working at the pool still to make sure that as soon as it is safe and we can let people in that it's ready to go," the Westover Pool aquatics manager, with Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation, told WHSV on Tuesday. "Keeping it blue and pretty but until we're able to get a date going and follow our phased opening plans, right now we're just trying to stay safe and make sure we're just keeping up with all of the current trends."

The pool, like most, normally opens with Memorial Day weekend.

The city of Waynesboro announced back at the end of April that they would be keeping the War Memorial Pool closed for the 2020 season, alongside cancellations of major summer events.

Virginia state parks, which are opening up campgrounds and boat and bike rentals for Memorial Day weekend, are also keeping swimming pools closed for 2020.

Elsewhere in the Shenandoah Valley, based on current state guidance, the Pine Bluff Pool is planning a tentative opening date for mid-June.

WHSV will keep you updated on what leaders decide for Westover.