Harrisonburg animal shelter says post claiming they're closing is a false rumor

WHSV file photo of Anicira
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — A Harrisonburg animal shelter has issued an official response after a social media post quickly spread on Wednesday morning claiming that their adoption center was closing and more than a dozen dogs needed homes.

Cate Lemmond, the president and CEO of Anicira, issued the following response to what she called a false rumor:

“The Anicira Adoption Center is not closing. We are, as always, interested in seeking adoptive families for our animals in the adoption program. Since 2016, Anicira Adoption Center has facilitated the adoption of 2,074 pets. Anicira continues its commitment to serving animals and our community through veterinary services, education, outreach, shelter, care and protection programs to help animals live healthy lives in a safe environment.

In addition to the 18 animals we have available for adoption in Harrisonburg, Virginia, we would also like to direct people to the Lee County Animal Shelter in Jonesville, Virginia, an underserved shelter that would greatly appreciate assistance placing adoptable dogs.”

The social media post was shared in several groups that had shared posts in the past week criticizing Anicira following the euthanization of a dog that had been fostered through their program. That controversial euthanization came after what Lemmond called "miscommunication."

You can read more about that situation, including both Anicira's and the foster caregiver's perspectives, here.