Harrisonburg business owner challenges people to 20 reviews in 20 days

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(WHSV) — With small businesses across the country forced to close or facing devastating economic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, one Harrisonburg business owner is hoping to launch a nationwide movement that could benefit small business for the time to come.

Ken Bell, with Tradeshowdirect, told WHSV that while dealing with major economic fallout for his own business, he was wondering what everyone could do to help small businesses.

His coworker, Jake McIntrye, and he decided to create the "2020 Small Business Review Challenge."

Their hope is to get people to commit to writing one online review every day for 20 days for local small businesses.

Bell says those reviews will remain online long after the coronavirus crisis has passed, benefiting small businesses for months or years to come.

Bell is launching the campaign on March 25, and his dream is for it to stretch beyond the Harrisonburg area and become a national effort, with people across the U.S. chipping in to spend just a little time each day writing a review, helping millions of small businesses once we all get through the pandemic.

" It doesn't cost anything and can be completed from the comfort (and safety) of your home," Bell said.

If you want to share the challenge on social media, they're using the hashtags #20reviews20days and #savesmallbusinesses.