Harrisonburg company heads to Las Vegas

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- TSSi in Harrisonburg creates and sells mass casualty response items for use in a time like the Las Vegas massacre.

The products they design and manufacture are medical backpacks or kits for mass causality-- when people would need a lot of equipment in a hurry. They started to produce these in 2006 and now their kits can help up to twenty people.

According to Thomas Little, the director of Strategic Accounts for TSSi, these kits are not designed only for trained medical professionals. They are made so an average civilian can provide medical care to anyone.

"It's getting people more aware that you don't need a medic, or a paramedic to save somebody's life. You know, the average person with some very basic equipment that is very basic to use can do exactly that," said Little.

Their kits are versatile because they are not geared toward only active shooting situations, they are also for explosions or car accidents.

TSSi also distributes body armor and gear like ballistic helmets. They provide these for federal, state and local levels of law enforcement.

Next week, they are going to two trade shows one is in Las Vegas where they'll showcase their products for emergency response crews.

Companies interested in purchasing kits can call TSSi to get a custom order or order online.