Harrisonburg man bikes 200 miles to raise money for kidney disease

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 8:37 PM EST
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For 225 miles, Harrisonburg resident and nurse Manny Castro biked through the hills of Pennsylvania for the "Tour DaVita." The bike ride aimed to raise money for kidney care.

Alongside 540 other cyclists, Castro spent three days riding, and with each pedal, there was purpose. Over the course of ride, the "Tour DaVita" raised $1.2 million for "Bridge of Hope," a nonprofit that provides kidney care to countries around the world.

"The whole process really touched me and my family," Castro said.

The ride was personal for him.

His seven year old son, Josiah, had spent the majority of his life battling chronic kidney disease. Back in March, Josiah received a kidney transplant, months before he would have needed dialysis to stay alive.

Castro, who's now a nurse at DaVita Dialysis Center in Harrisonburg said this ride was to honor Josiah's journey, but also to help people receive the same life-sustaining care that his son done did for so many years.

"It's marvelous to see the patients, and to also be able to support the community and see the difference that you're making," Castro said.

Castro said through his son's journey, and through his experience as a nurse, he understands the need for kidneys. He urges anyone who wants to make a difference, to go get screened.

"Majority of us have two [kidneys] and we can live a fulfilled life with one," he said. "If there's someone out there that really wants to make a difference in the community, donate a kidney."

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