Harrisonburg police warn of phone scams

Harrisonburg Police are warning people of phone scammers.
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- Harrisonburg Police are warning of scammers who are targeting people's personal information.

Officers said these scams are different from the common robocalls; these are actual people on the other line, trying to lure people into giving away personal information.

HPD tells WHSV that there are two common scams right now. One is people calling asking for a payment for things like prepaid gift cards, google play cards or a grandchild in need of money. The other is people impersonating police, asking for social security numbers, an address, date of birth or some type of payment.

"No government agency to include law enforcement will ever call asking for some type of payment over the phone or your personal information," Harrisonburg Police officer Hunter McKenzie said. "We'll always show up at your doorstep if that's needed, also the IRS, they're not gonna ask you any type of information that's needed over the phone, they're gonna send you some type of letter in the mail or it'll be one of us coming to provide that."

McKenzie advises that if it "seems iffy," don't do it. He also said to never provide information such as payments over the phone and if you have questions, to verify with police or a bank first.