Harrisonburg sees a steady increase of business licenses year after year

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Harrisonburg Economic Development says 2019 was a great year for entrepreneuership.

Harrisonburg Economic Development had a total of 95 business licenses applied for in 2019 | Photo: WHSV

Peirce Macgill, the assistant director of economic development for the city of Harrisonburg, said the city issued 95 business licenses, which includes new businesses or if an existing business changed hands or moved to a new location.

"To see it increase year after year is what's really important. I think it's a good reflection of the economy in general that people are ready to start businesses," said Macgill.

In 2018, there were 87 new licenses issued.

Macgill said the diversity in the area has a positive impact on all of the businesses popping up.

"If you look at the business licenses, it's young and old, the immigrant community is very strong in starting businesses, so the diversity of our population has been a big strength in growing our businesses," said Macgill.

The most predominant category of business for Harrisonburg is the food industry, with restaurants and food trucks.

Macgill said Harrisonburg, with its location close to Interstate 81 and near metropolitan areas, is a desirable place to open a business.