Costs for second Harrisonburg high school construction rise

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HARRISONBURG,Va.(WHSV) -- On Monday night, Grimm and Parker Architects updated the Harrisonburg City School Board with a new cost of constructing the new High school.

The plan for the school now projects it to be finished Summer 2022 and ready for classes in the Fall.

With an increase of $9 million, the new projected cost is $85.7 million and projected to open in the fall of 2022.

The company states, since April 2017, the public sector construction market has seen an increase in project costs in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

"There's about a 10 to 20 percent increase in labor cost for construction right now," Craig Mackail, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, said. "Materials have gone up there are a lot more construction projects underway then there were a year and half ago, which creates you know higher prices."

The city has not voted on any plan to the school board will look at a way to cut cost but keep the school in the best interest of its students.

"So we've looked at both sides of it, of course, the school division and I know the school board wants to build this building that is most economically efficient but also a great building for our kids," Mackail said.

The new school is projected to hold 1200 students.

The school board will be presenting its plan to the city council in two weeks.