Housing market is still active amid coronavirus pandemic

Image: MGN

AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — There are still people looking to buy and sell homes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Realtors across the valley say they are continuing to work while doing what they can to keep clients safe.

Jill Grimm, the president of the Greater Augusta Association of Realtors said inventory and rates are low, and new listings are hitting the market daily.

She said pre-existing transactions are still being processed, electronically if necessary.

"There are definitely more pending than there are new listings, it's usually more balanced," Melinda Beam, a broker in the Rockingham County area, said. "There is a slow down with putting houses on the market, but people are still looking."

Realtors are taking extra precautions and following the governor's executive order to make sure everyone stays safe.

Beam said she screens clients before showing them a house, asking questions like, "Where are they coming from? Have they traveled recently or been around someone who has traveled?" She said she also tells people not to touch any surfaces.

Grimm said it's too soon to tell how the pandemic will affect the market, if at all.

"Right now our chief economist for VR [Virginia Realtors] is just predicting that if anything we might have a delayed spring market," Grimm said.

Beam is encouraging clients to use virtual tours of homes so people can still see houses they're interested in without having to physically be there.

However, Beam said it's ultimately up to the seller if someone can come inside their home, whether it's to take videos for virtual tours or if it's someone interested in buying.