How to avoid grocery store tricks to save money

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(WWBT/WXIX) — From the moment you step into the grocery store, you’re bombarded by sights, sounds and smells to get you to buy more.

Even if you shop with a list and a budget, odds are, an item or two - or five - you didn’t plan to buy ends up in your cart. That’s no accident as grocery stores are masters are manipulating you into buying things.

If you want to save money, you need to be able to spot a good deal.

The problem is, research shows most grocery shoppers only remember the prices of four things: milk, bread, bananas and eggs.

When you shop, do it with a list and also make a note of what you usually pay for those items.

Grocery stores follow a “first in, first out” stocking model, which means they stock the new inventory behind the older inventory. If you’re buying frozen foods, that won’t matter much, but if you’re buying dairy, produce, eggs or other fresh foods, it can help to reach to the back to choose yours.

To cut down on impulse buys, plan your route through the store down aisles that won’t appeal to you.

If your kids are grown, for example, walk to the back of the store through the baby food aisle.

One last trick: buying in bulk doesn’t always save you money.

Research shows that when you buy larger sizes of something, you tend to consume it faster, too. So think about sticking to smaller sizes of soda and snack food.