How to check for electrical fire hazards in your home

WHSV file image of an electrician
WHSV file image of an electrician(WHSV)
Published: Jan. 2, 2017 at 10:56 PM EST
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After the fire started by a light switch failure in Weyers Cave claimed two lives, a local electrician shows you how to check for fire hazards in your home.

Dave Kilimnick started Valley Electric in Harrisonburg.

"Most fire hazards are caused by loose connections," Kilimnick said.

There are safe ways to check for those loose connections, starting with the home of most connections, the breaker panel.

"What you wanna do is have an electrician come in and make sure each connection is tight. If you have a loose connection, that's where you'll have a problem," Kilimnick said.

Some solutions are as easy as a few dollars.

"There is a very simple device. It'll tell you if you have a neutral open ground or any other kind of problems," he said. "You can buy one for $15 at a local hardware store."

Others just require your senses.

"You can tell right here, it's blackened. Any sign like that is a red flag," Kilimnick said.

If you're unsure about any electric connections, Dave said the most important thing is to ask a professional.

"It might take one or two hours, but what's that worth to a person. The safety of your family," he said.

He also stresses if you do need any help with electrical connections in your house, ask a certified electrician to ensure the connections are as safe as possible. Also, those electricians have insurance to cover their work in case something goes wrong.

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