Is paperless billing hurting your finances?

Published: Aug. 23, 2019 at 4:59 PM EDT
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Many people no longer get statements in the mail and only receive them via email. Paperless billing saves companies money and is good for the environment, but not everyone wants to go digital – and there may be good reason.


, the non-profit found that 78% of people who get paper bills in the mail review the transactions, while only 43% of those who use e-delivery look at their transactions.

According to that survey, most consumers prefer paper statements particularly from financial institutions and for medical matters.

They value having a hard copy. It not only reminds them to pay the bill, but it reminds them to look at the statement for errors.

Regardless of how you get your statement, you must remember to go over it. It’s the best way to catch fraud. And if you want to go back to getting bills and statements in the mail, you can do that at anytime, you just have to contact the company to switch back.

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