JMU football player pleads no contest after false imprisonment charge

Published: Apr. 5, 2019 at 6:18 PM EDT
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A wide receiver for the James Madison University football team was charged with false imprisonment of a woman in Pennsylvania and pleaded no contest in court on Tuesday.

According to court documents, Stapleton kept a woman from leaving the bathroom at a house party in Indiana, Pennsylvania . The incident allegedly occurred on the night of June 16th, 2017 in Indiana County

A 19-year-old woman said she went to a friend's birthday party in Indiana, where she saw Stapleton, described in a criminal complaint as "a former paramour," and attempted to avoid him.

The woman said she went to the bathroom to get toilet paper to help clean up a drink her friend spilled, but while she was there, Stapleton grabbed her by the neck and shoulder area and bent her over the bathroom sink, "using all of his weight against her" to pin her in place.

According to the

, the woman said Stapleton then pulled her leggings down and unbuckled his pants as she struggled to free herself from his grip and told him to stop.

The complaint says he "attempted to have indecent contact," but failed "due to his intoxicated state."

The woman was eventually able to leave the bathroom after a partygoer knocked on the door and called Stapleton's name.

After other people at the party comforted her, she left the home with a friend.

The woman met with a police officer at a local hospital to report the incident.

Court documents reveal investigators questioned Stapleton afterwards and he said repeatedly that he had no memory of the incident because of being "blacked out" from over-consumption of alcohol.

The case was prosecuted by Aprill Noelle-Campbell, with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, who emphasized her years working as a detective in the Sex Assault/Child Abuse section of the Pittsburgh Police Department.

According to the Indiana-Gazette Newspaper, Stapleton was placed on probation for one year, required to pay a monthly supervision fee and the costs of the drug-and-alcohol and anger assessments and not allowed to have further contact with the victim.

Stapleton is a redshirt senior for JMU's football team. He's from Indiana, Pa., according to JMU Athletics' website.

"We are extremely disappointed in Riley's action and will issue punishment in line with the court's findings. We will be meeting with the student-athlete to communicate his punishment and then will release that accordingly," said Kevin Warner, a spokesman for the university's athletics department.

In Pennsylvania, a defendant who pleads no contest acknowledges the prosecution has enough evidence to prove their case but does not admit guilt to the charge.