JMU political science department holds impeachment discussion

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — At James Madison University Monday night, the political science department held a bipartisan discussion on the presidential impeachment process.

JMU students listen as political science professors discuss impeachment

The goal of the event was to inform students on campus about the process. Two political science professors at JMU, Valerie Sulfaro and Tim LaPira spoke to students, discussing possible impeachment scenarios and how it could impact more than just the president.

"There's experts at JMU that actually study all of this information that have a lot more informed opinion about it," James Madison senior Ethan Gardner said. "I think hearing those viewpoints is definitely important for students."

Sulfaro hopes that recent events raise interest in and knowledge of politics for young people at the local level.

"It might affect people getting mobilized to vote in the midterm, and that I would really like to see since we actually had pretty good voting in Virginia the last time around," Sulfaro told WHSV. "It would be nice to see more people showing up this time as well."

Students were given the opportunity to ask questions. They asked how the impeachment process would impact the upcoming presidential election, congressional elections and local elections in Virginia.