JMU professor using computers to fight coronavirus

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- A biology professor at James Madison University is doing his part in the fight against the coronavirus.

Director of the JMU center for genome and metagenome studies Steven Cresawn

Steven Cresawn, who a biology professor and the director of the JMU center for genome and metagenome, is using computers to run simulations that examine proteins in cells.

Cresawn tells WHSV that these findings could provide key information to help find a vaccine for COVID-19.

"I work on other types of viruses. That's what I normally do and that's what these computers normally are used for," Creswan said. "So it's interesting to kind of pivot and redirect them towards something that really needs to be an all hands on deck kind of situation."

Cresawn hopes his work will help in efforts to beat COVID-19 and save lives.

Some pictures in story provided by JMU creative media