Jury returns $625K verdict against Shenandoah Valley oral surgeon

Published: Dec. 5, 2019 at 3:57 PM EST
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Attorneys say a jury found that a family should be awarded $625,000 for an accident during wisdom tooth surgery that left a child with lifelong issues.

According to Bartoli Cain Wason PLLC, the law firm that represented the family, a Virginia jury ended a five-day trial in March by finding Corey C. Burgoyne, DMD, an oral surgeon at Blue Ridge Oral Surgery, liable for breaching the standard of care and negligently injuring her patient.

The law firm says Dr. Burgoyne was extracting the wisdom teeth of a 12-year-old girl when Burgoyne cut the child's lingual nerve in half. Lingual nerves are two nerves which provide sensory function, including taste, to each side of the inside of the mouth.

They say the lingual nerve injury means the child will have lifelong sensory issues with her tongue, as well as intermittent pain.

The jury returned a $625,000 verdict against Dr. Burgoyne and Blue Ridge Oral Surgery.

Michele Bartoli Cain represented the family in the case, Dr. Burgoyne was represented by a specialist lawyer from Blue Ridge Oral Surgery's insurer, OMSNIC.

Legal fees for the family exceeded $100,000, and no settlement was able to be reached before the case went to trial.

According to Cain, Blue Ridge Oral Surgery is seeking a new trial.