Kroger announces dedicated shopping hour for seniors, those at-risk

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RICHMOND, Va. (WHSV) — Starting on Tuesday, March 24, all Kroger stores across the Mid-Atlantic region – including Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio – will have dedicated hours of shopping for seniors at people at-risk for COVID-19.

According to Kroger Mid-Atlantic, all their stores will dedicate the first hour of operation on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 7 to 8 a.m., to seniors and the immunocompromised.

“We’re happy to offer this shopping window to our senior and at-risk customers to help alleviate their concerns about shopping during our regular hours at this time,” said Allison McGee, corporate affairs manager for Kroger Mid-Atlantic. “We ask all of our customers to respect this window of time that has been reserved for some of the more vulnerable groups.”

The store previously put into place limits on how many necessary items, like toilet paper, bread, and disinfecting supplies, people could buy in a single trip.

They also announced over the weekend that all current employees would be receiving one-time bonuses.

"In everything we do, we’re guided by our values and our Purpose: to Feed the Human Spirit. We remain focused on doing all the things we need to do to keep our associates and customers safe and healthy. As we continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation, we strive to make decisions that balance the safety of our associates with our commitments to our customers and communities," Kroger said in a statement.

Many other large grocery stores, like Walmart, have also recently announced dedicated shopping hours for seniors amid the coronavirus outbreak.