Lauren Griffin outlines goals if elected clerk of court of Augusta County

Lauren Griffin announced she was running for clerk of court earlier this year. | Credit: WHSV
Lauren Griffin announced she was running for clerk of court earlier this year. | Credit: WHSV(WHSV)
Published: Sep. 26, 2019 at 6:53 PM EDT
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Lauren Griffin is a paralegal in the Augusta County Commonwealth Attorney's office, but she hopes her next job will be as clerk of court for the county.

Griffin is one of five running to fill the rest of Carol Brydge's term. Steve Landes, Tracy Pyles, Carolyn Bragg and Miles Bobbitt are also running for the role. Griffin said she decided to run because of her experience as a paralegal.

Griffin said she thinks it's important to have realistic goals, since whomever wins will only be in office for four years at first. Griffin thinks the staff already works well together now, but she would want to support them through a possible move, if the county makes a decision about the court house.

"Just really making sure the needs of the community are met during that time and the office can still function and everybody feels comfortable,' Griffin said.

She also thinks its important to be responsive to the community and their needs.

"That's the whole job, is serving the community with whatever legal documents it needs," Griffin told WHSV.

Griffin said she knows there has been some discussion of people wanting the court house to start providing passports again and she said that would be something she would look into if elected.

WHSV has already spoke with Steve Landes and Tracy Pyles about their goals. In the weeks ahead, we'll plan to speak with the rest of the candidates.

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