Law enforcement from around Virginia honor fallen Trooper

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HARRISONBURG,Va.(WHSV) -- On Saturday, law enforcement officers from around Virginia gathered in the town of Chilhowie to offer a final farewell to Virginia State Trooper Lucas Dowell.

Lucas Dowell served as a Virginia State Trooper since 2014.

Earlier this month, Dowell was killed in the line of duty in the middle of a drug investigation in Cumberland County.

Kent Folsom, a Harrisonburg Police Officer, never knew Dowell but said he felt like he lost a brother.

"In time, one of us could be that fallen officer," Folsom said. "So immediately, our feelings of loss for our brother come forward and I wanted to do the part of representing the city of Harrisonburg for our state's loss."

Folsom said by being in law enforcement, you are in another family with different brothers and sisters.

"People from the town of Chilhowie came out and stood along the side with their hands over their hearts waving flags," Folsom said. "I could hear them reading the names off of the police cars."

Folsom said during the service, speakers touched on what Dowell loved the most, but more importantly, how he ended his turn at watch serving his community.