Law enforcement warns against "Pinktober" charity scams

Published: Oct. 1, 2018 at 5:24 PM EDT
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It's Pinktober — the time of year where pink ribbons raising symbolizing breast cancer awareness are on full display for the month.

Often times during the month of October, businesses sell items with the pink ribbon to go toward charities supporting cancer research and awareness.

But, while you may be in the giving spirit, it's important to think before you donate to avoid getting scammed.

"Don't pay now. Take a little bit of extra time to verify what you're being told," said Sheriff Bryan Hutcheson with Rockingham County Sheriff's Office. "Is it truly going to the charity that you want to help? Or is it some information that could be suspicious?"

It's important to be made aware that the pink ribbon is not trademarked — which means, anyone can use it, including scammers.

Breast Cancer Action suggests that people

charity claims before making a purchase or donation and ask these questions:

•How much of the money will go toward the charity?

•When will the charity receive the donation?

•Who are the corporate sponsors?

•What exactly is being funded?

Sheriff Hutcheson advises that people give locally.

"Relay For Life is a big thing around here," he said. "You can check with any people who are involved with that and make sure that the donation you're giving to is indeed going to where you want it to go."