Lawmakers introduce bill to protect cyclists

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Many people never think twice about their grass clippings, but for motorcyclists, they can be a nightmare .

"You can't control it. It's slipping, it's sliding, losing traction, and if it goes down, you've got a potential fatal accident," said Joe Showker, a motorcyclist in the Valley. "You can't get out of the way fast enough."

Those hazards are the framework for House Bill 2193, which was introduced into the Virginia General Assembly by Delegate Roxann Robinson on Jan 14.

The bill amends section 18.2-324 in the Code of Virginia , which already states a person cannot throw or deposit soil, sand, mud, or gravel to create a hazard to the traveling public. However, the bill would add new language to explicitly state "grass clippings" are prohibited as well.

"We're hoping it becomes a law so that people are more aware that grass clippings are a potential fatal obstruction," said Showker. "It's just common sense."