Lawsuit filed to stop Charlottesville from moving Robert E. Lee statue

File image of Robert E. Lee statue in Lee Park in Charlottesville
File image of Robert E. Lee statue in Lee Park in Charlottesville(WHSV)
Published: Mar. 20, 2017 at 3:32 PM EDT
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A lawsuit was filed Monday to stop the city of Charlottesville from moving the Robert E. Lee statue from Lee Park.

According to a statement, The Monument Fund, the Sons of Confederate Veterans and about a dozen private citizens are planning to file the suit in Charlottesville Circuit Court.

The lawsuit says the city is violating Virginia's monument protection law, acting outside the authority delegated by the General Assembly, and violating the terms of Paul Goodloe McIntire's gifts.

The suit will seek an injunction to "freeze the status quo" in both Lee and Jackson parks and stop any potential destruction while the litigation moves through the courts.

The plaintiffs are also seeking damages against Charlottesville and against each member of the Charlottesville City Council for "acting recklessly and in deliberate disregard of the law."

A resolution to move the Lee statue was


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You can read the complaint submitted to Charlottesville Circuit Court ahead of the planned lawsuit by