Lee-Jackson Day celebrated in the Valley

Published: Jan. 15, 2016 at 6:38 AM EST
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Lee-Jackson Day is recognized by Virginians on the Friday before Martin Luther King Junior Day.

Philip F. Way, the commander of Colonel D.H. Lee Martz, Camp 10 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, said that growing up, the two men were his heroes because they were everything a hero should be. He sees them as courageous, loyal, and a big part of Virginian history.

He also says that with everything that happened this past year, they should still be recognized.

"One of the things I remind people is that we cannot take our cultural and moral thoughts of today and put them on people 150 years ago. It was a different time, people thought differently," said Way.

He said whether what they believed was wrong or right isn't the issue, but the fact they fought for their beliefs, their state and their men are the reasons they should be celebrated.

The local camp will not be making the trip to Lexington for the big celebration, though several members will attend.

He says locally they will fly the First National Flag of the Confederacy to honor the two men.