Liberty U students protest comments made by Falwell, Trump Jr. at CPAC

Published: Mar. 7, 2019 at 1:45 PM EST
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Students at Liberty University came together on Wednesday to rally in support of minortiy groups.

The students are a part of the “LU for MeToo” movement.

The group formed last semester.

“To give every student a voice and to say, ‘Hey, I won’t be lumped in with Jerry Jr. and the things he’s going to say about the survivors of sexual abuse or racial minorities or democrats or etc. etc.," explained student Caleb Fitzpatrick.

The rally followed what students described as "offensive" comments made by the administration during last week's Conservative Political Action Conference at the university.

The comments referenced gender roles and the "Me Too" movement during a discussion between the Falwells and Donald Trump Jr.

In reference to a new granddaughter, Becki Falwell said the family is "not letting her have a choice" in determining her gender identity because "God decided she would be a girl." Jerry Falwell said the baby would carry a doll, just as his sons "always had guns in their hands." Trump responded, "Hashtag me too."

“Donald Trump made light of the 'Me Too' movement, made it a joke, and Jerry Falwell shared it on his Twitter praising it and we caught wind of it and we said 'this isn’t OK,'" said Addyson Garner, LU's Senior Class President.

“I was immediately appalled," added Fitzpatrick.

The students said the comments were insensitive to multiple minority groups.

“As someone that’s tasked with representing the student body through my role as student government as well as an activist in the 'Me Too' movement, I had to say something," said Garner.

“This is where we, as students, who are also stakeholders in the ecosystem that is Liberty University, need to change the environment, change the social perception, change the university policies that create space for those comments," added Fitzpatrick.

The group wants minority students to know they are not alone. “I want students on campus to know that there are Christians like myself that do want to support them and show them the love of Christ," said senior AJ Strom.

University official Scott Lamb said the school has no comment.

A statement was released on behalf of Falwell Wednesday night saying:

"Free speech and intellectual diversity are two of the most important pillars of a college education. I still believe in the old maxim that liberals used to believe: I may disagree with your politics, but I’ll fight to defend your right to express them."