Library project provides free books for kids at laundromats

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WCAV) — A Charlottesville woman is changing the dynamic of how kids read by bringing a library inside several laundromats in her area.

Patricia Dogil created a project, called Laundromat Libraries, last June to give children an opportunity to read anywhere they go.

The libraries are in several laundromats in Charlottesville, Scottsville, Nelson County, and Crozet.

"Reading is kind of the basics for success," Dogil said. "A community outreach program where we put children's books into laundromats."

The goal of the library is to give kids a chance to enhance their reading skills while they wait with their families inside the laundromat.

"It helps with with literacy, of course, language skills," Dogil said. "It can be read by whoever is with them or they can read a book by themselves or just look for a book."

Another unique part about this library is that the books don't have a return date.

"When they find a book that's so special for them, they can take it home," Dogil said.

Providing free books for children is one way Dogil is sharing her passion for reading.

"I have a passion that all children should learn how to read because to be in this competitive world today, you need to know how to read," Dogil said.

This is also part of Dogil's mission to provide resources for kids in the community.

"The thrill is when you see that child pick a book and they go, 'I can take it home' just warms your heart and you know that they're going to have a book to read wherever they go," she said.

If you would like to learn more about Laundromat Libraries or if you would like to donate books for the library, you can send a message to

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