Library searches for 'forgotten figures'

SHENANDOAH COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — Black History Month is not until February, but Shenandoah County Library is preparing for it and looking for the community's help.

Shenandoah County Library is looking for nominations to help have a better understanding of African American history in the area.

This year, they want nominations for their "Forgotten Figures" exhibit, which will focus on African-American heritage in the county.

Zach Hottel is the archivist for the library and said that often times minorities were glossed over in history, so there may not be much in the archives about them. They are asking people to "nominate" African-Americans who have made an impact on people in Shenandoah County or the county itself.

"Hopefully by having this here, it will spark some memories and spark some better understanding of the different people that live in our community and the impact they had in shaping who we are now," said Hottel.

People can nominate through an online form, calling the library at 540-984-8200 or by visiting the library.

"This is really important, the fact that we're trying to add them to the collection where they weren't before, and that allows us to tell a broader story about who they are and who we are as a county," said Hottel.

Some submissions will be exhibited, but all of them will be added to the library's archives.

"While we work really hard to bring that to light, without the community's help, we can't do that — because they're the ones that have the memories and the items," said Hottel.

The library is accepting nominations until February 12, 2019.