Harrisonburg barber helps out first responders

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — While many have helped out on the frontlines of COVID-19, local businesses are also stepping up. A Harrisonburg barber shop has announced how they're using their talents to give back.

Dennis Alvarez, a barber at Corte Creativo Barber Shop, is giving back to the community by offering free haircuts to first responders.

This is the first week he decided to do this.

"So I think this is the time to see how we love our community, how we can help our community and we are so grateful for them because they are risking their lives," said Alvarez.

While there are other barbers in the shop, Alvarez is the only one that is doing free haircuts, so you would need to book your appointment with him.

"I do it because it's good in my heart to do it... I'm so thankful and I try to do my best in the community... I like to help like we are brothers and sisters," said Alvarez.

Alvarez will be doing this for the next few weeks. The last day he will offer free haircuts is June 23rd.

If you are a first responder who is looking to get a haircut from Dennis Alvarez for free, you must come in on a Tuesday from 10 to 7, and then it's by appointment only, like all haircuts right now. You can call them at (540) 607-0106 or check out the website dennismasterbarber.com

Corte Creativo Barber Shop is located at 1110 Reservoir Street in Harrisonburg.