Local business making a move

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV)-- A local business is moving to a bigger location.

withSimplicity is moving from their current space to a much larger one.

If you're in downtown Harrisonburg, you may walk past withSimplicity's store front.

Right now, their "store front" is just an air-stream land yacht parked beside Taj of India. Soon, they'll be moving to where Whitesel Music used to be which will be quite the upgrade for them.

"The new space is going to be 2700 square feet, so we're super excited," said Irina Doveganetskiy, the owner of withSimplicity.

Their space now is close to 220 square feet.

They will also be sharing this space with restorative massage therapy which means you can get make-up and a massage all in the same place.