Local businesses accommodating truck drivers during coronavirus

AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. -- Many businesses are making efforts to help others impacted by coronavirus. The Factory Antique Mall and Tasty Bites in Verona has truck drivers in mind.

Tasty Bites inside of the Factory Antique Mall will be offering discounts to truck drivers during coronavirus closures.

"This is hard times for everybody as we know and we're all trying to pitch in and help, but one of the areas I think that deserves some real help is our truckers," Maureen Kranback, owner of Tasty Bites, said. "They're keeping the country running right now."

With many restaurants closing their dining rooms or shutting down completely, the Factory Antique Mall and Tasty Bites saw the need for
truck drivers to get a hot, nutritious meal and have a place to park their truck.

"Either I can deliver it curbside to them or they can come into our little restaurant here," Kranback said. "We are CDC compliant"

Following CDC guidelines, Tasty Bites has only ten chairs set up for customers to eat.

Kranback said they want to make sure truck drivers have more options than junk food from a gas station.

Tasty Bites is offering truck drivers buy one meal, get one 50 percent off.

"With the Factory Antique Mall we'll be able to continue doing business and to continue to support those that need to get out and feed their families and come in and eat, especially the truckers," Kranback said.

Kranback says Tasty Bites business has slowed because of people social distancing, but they still want to do what they can to help.

"We're all trying to support each other and I think with more of that, people giving back, I think we can come through this together," Kranback said.