Local dietitian warns against dietary products sold on social media

HARRISONBURG, VA (WHSV) -- A local dietitian said people selling dietary supplements through social media has become more common than she has ever seen. But if you're thinking of trying one, she said you need to be aware of the risks that could come with it.

Holly Van Poots, a dietitian at Nieder Chiropractic said, supplements are not required to get FDA approval or undergo testing, so many of these products can contain ingredients not listed on the container.

Some ingredients are sensitive to temperature and light and can go bad if not stored or shipped properly.

Another concern she has is the people who are selling the products often are not often educated on them.

"You can always be proactive and do some of your own research if you understand, but you just don't want to be taking random things because someone said you should without doing your due diligence to make sure that it's something that is helpful and safe," Van Poots said.

She said before trying one of these products, it's best to look for a label stating it has been tested by a third party. You should also always talk to your doctor first to make sure it will not react with medications or other supplements you're taking.