Way To Go helps local families get life changing donated cars

Published: Feb. 2, 2018 at 6:06 PM EST
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You may remember at the end of December, we talked with "Way To Go," an organization that collects and awards donated cars to families in need. We caught up with them today and talked with a woman who received a car to see how it has impacted her life.

Meagan Thurston received a car in 2016. She says it has helped her further her career because she can work outside of Harrisonburg, and she can take her children to doctors appointments without having to worry about missing them or catching the bus on time.

Thurston says the car has not just improved her life, but also the lives of her 5 children.

"They can participate in school activities now, before I really couldn't take them unless it was warm and we could walk. Just simply going to eat lunch with them at school has been a pleasure, before I couldn't do that."

Thurston says anyone who donates a car is making a life changing difference for a family like hers.

"I just never even considered getting my own vehicle just for the fact that I never thought I could afford it. There's a lot of families out there like myself that, you know could really use them and it could just help their every day lives."

Since the last time we talked to Way To Go, they received 5 cars in less than a month, when they normally get 20 in an entire year.