Local family creates backyard rodeo after a cancelled vacation

A local family is making the most of a cancelled vacation, creating a make-shift rodeo in their...
A local family is making the most of a cancelled vacation, creating a make-shift rodeo in their backyard.(WHSV)
Published: Apr. 20, 2020 at 10:07 AM EDT
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Earlier this year, the Peters family planned on taking a vacation out west, but unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak cancelled those plans.

Brett and Sarah Peters, parents of Hudson and Henley, say they weren't going to let that stop them from having a little fun in their own backyard.

Hudson and Henley say they have always loved the west.

"I wanna move there, but my two parents don't... and we wanna be cowboys," said Hudson and Henley.

After a family vacation was cancelled due to COVID-19, they decided to make the most of it.

"We just started being kind of creative and thinking of ways to bring our vacation to our backyard," said Brett Peters.

They say they used objects they found lying around the house.

"We had a horse saddle and a trash can and a skateboard and we bought the rope from the place we would have visited," said Peters.

The Peters family created a fun. make-shift rodeo with an educational aspect as well.

"They picked three places that they wanted to travel while we were in Wyoming and then they made a brochure. Our goal is to make different brochures of the places that we want to visit and the keep them and take them with us whenever we get to go," said Sarah Peters.

Rodeos weren't the only thing the family created. They say they directed and produced a western movie and watched it together as a family.

The Peters say they have plenty more fun planned. They say they are working to create their next movie production, inspired by the movie "Rocky."

This story is part of WHSV's "Tell Me Something Good" series.