Local family shares their story for World Autism Awareness Day

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) -- April 2 marked World Autism Awareness Day.

The disorder is a part of everyday life for the Fowler family.

"I'm different and that's a good thing," said eight-year-old Jordan Fowler , who was diagnosed with high functioning autism two years ago.

Autism Spectrum Disorder can present itself in different ways.

The Fowlers said they began to notice how hard it was for Jordan to communicate and control his emotions — something that can be misunderstood as a behavior problem.

"Jordan began getting into a lot of trouble because he would use his self-stimulation. A lot of humming and the inability to communicate or express himself in school," said Jordan's mom, Letitia Fowler. "We would become emotional or physical aggression would get him kicked out of school and the bus constantly because it was considered a disruption."

Since the Fowlers have learned of Jordan's condition, he has improved in school and at home, even earning a spot on the honor roll last fall.

The Shenandoah Valley Autism Partnership is holding their annual Race for Autism on Saturday, April 15 at Eastern Mennonite University. All of those proceeds will benefit families just like the Fowlers.

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