Local farmer happy about this year's growing season

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DAYTON, Va (WHSV) -- Every year poses different challenges for farmers, but this growing season has been a big improvement from the last here in the valley according to one local farmer.

Andrew Mason with Wayside Produce said last year's rain caused diseases and fungus. He added how the flooded fields caused major delays in planting. This year has been going much more smoothly. Right now is the peak of produce season and Mason said the weather has been ideal and a big difference from all the rain last year.

"There were crops that we weren't able to seed until much later and then subsequently didn't have enough time to come to maturity and get a harvest. But this growing season has been optimal. One of the nicest we've had."

He said you can look forward to great quality tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other farm stand produce this year.