Local first responders accepting PPE supply donations

HFD Interim Chief Stephen Morris receives the donated masks from Phillip Helmuth, who organized the effort | Photo: Harrisonburg Fire Dept.

HARRISONBURG, Va. -- Personal protective equipment, or PPE, supplies has been in low supply around the country, prompting many to use handmade supplies to remain protected.

A local fire department has supplies stocked.

Interim Fire Chief Steve Morris of the Harrisonburg Fire Department said some PPE orders they've placed were back-ordered until June.

He said, luckily, the department has a stockpile of supplies including masks, safety glasses and surgical gowns.

They've also received handmade donations from the community and will share with other first responders in need.

"We work hand-in-hand with Rockingham County Fire and Rescue and we'll make sure that if one organization needs something, we share," Morris said. "We'll make sure we're both supplied since we work so much together."

Morris said cloth face masks are beneficial to the department because they can wash and reuse them many times.

"The cloth masks are still something that we can use and we will use," Morris said. "That in conjunction with safety glasses provides adequate protection for the face, mouth and nose."

Morris said they are limiting people coming in and out of their building, so if you are interested in donating supplies you can contact the HFD administration office at (540) 432-7703 to set up a drop-off time.