Local girl takes the wrestling world by storm

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Emma Benner is a girl of few words with a fight like no other.

Emma's Dad looks over her throughout practice.

"It's fun when you're on the mat, but it's nerve-wracking," said Benner.

Emma recently started wrestling and has been winning tournaments ever since. Her middle school team won their district tournament. She finished the year 12-1 and came in second in the district.

The wrestling gene also runs in the family. Emma's dad wrestled throughout high school in Harrisonburg. Her dad says letting Emma pursue the sport wasn't an easy decision.

"She kept talking about it and when I was coaching, she was talking about it and I said no... until I finally let her and I was just worried about how she was gonna do," said Heath Benner.

He says seeing her on the mat gives him goosebumps every day and is all he could ever want.

Benner says he hopes to see the women's wrestling world expand more in the future, providing more opportunities for his daughter along the way.

This story is part of WHSV's "Tell Me Something Good" series.