Local leaders celebrate their first 100 days in office

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Augusta County (WHSV)-- Last weekend marked 100 days since some new leaders took over in Augusta County, including Sheriff Donald Smith and Commonwealth's Attorney Timothy Martin.

Since taking office on January first, two men have been charged with first degree murder, and another was sentenced to 35 years for child molestation.

Last month. Martin and Smith were able to arrest and charge Melvin Spencer with murder in the 2003 disappearance of his wife Joanne.

Smith said, "I think the best thing for us is it's able to give the family closure and it was able to let the community know that we are working and we are pushing forward on some of these cold cases that we've got."

Martin said, "Really from a very simplistic stand point we felt like it would make the people safer immediately to get him off the street."
Spencer's preliminary hearing is in may.

Sheriff Smith said he also has more deputies in the schools and he created a Facebook page to improve communication with the community.

To learn more about Melvin Spencer's case, follow the link in the column to the right (if you're on a desktop computer) or at the bottom of this page (if you're on a mobile device).