Pizza shop preps for busy weekend ahead of snow

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — As the Valley braces for winter weather, a local pizza shop is getting ready for a busy weekend.

"We'll make a lot more pizzas, we'll double our staff," said Becca Miller, Franchise Owner of Domino's on Burgess Rd in Harrisonburg. "People may not have the ability to go out, or public transportation may not be running, so they're going to want us to bring them food."

Miller says on average, delivery orders increase by more than 100 percent during snowstorms which could cause concern for delivery drivers.

"Every time drivers come in from a delivery, we ask them how are the roads," said Miller. "Then myself and the other franchise owner, Dave, will drive around to all of the stores and look at the roads ourselves."

If road conditions become too hazardous, the store will close; however, Miller says they try to stay open as long as possible.

They do, however, warn that deliveries could take longer than normal.

"Where a run might normally take fifteen minutes, it might take thirty, " Miller explained. "But we usually don't guarantee delivery time when it's bad weather."

Miller says even in the bad weather, their mission stays the same.

"We're here all day to serve them, and if we do have to close early, we try to let them know through our store Facebook page."