Local town creates public art out of traffic signal boxes

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SHENANDOAH COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — The Town of Woodstock is the first in Virginia to try out a new public art project. Local artists submitted designs to cover the traffic signal control boxes along Route 11 from West Reservoir Road to West North Street.

Katie Mercer attended a public art meeting three years ago, and got the idea from Alexandria's program.

But while Alexandria handles their own traffic signal boxes, Woodstock had to get permission from VDOT to cover the boxes;now, there are five locations with colorful public art.

"These are our traffic signal control box wraps," said Katie Mercer. "The theme is words that move you."

Katie Mercer is the Director of Marketing and Events for the town.

She says the traffic light boxes can "make you feel good, happy, I guess maybe even sad, just thought-provoking."

It's a way for local artists to display their work.

"We kind of want to wrap them into it as well," said Mercer.

Sally Veach has lived in Woodstock for about thirty years, and fellow artist Laurel Vaughan has been a resident for twelve.

"I love the fact that Woodstock supports local artists," said Vaughan.

Veach was thrilled when she was selected to participate. Her art is at the intersection of West North Street and North Main Street.

"What a great way to get more involved in my community!" said Veach.

The artists use different mediums.

"I use mostly oil painting and acrylic painting," said Veach.

"I use pastels, that's my medium," said Vaughan. "I love nature and I do a lot of landscapes and this is one of the series of trees."

The material is weather-proof, and the messages are timeless.

"I just love the woods, and I love that poem," said Vaughan.

Vaughan's "The Woods" is located at West Spring Street and South Main Street.

"Enrich yourself and inspire yourself and feed your soul with the beauty that's in our world no matter where you are," said Veach.

Other artists include high school senior Liam Shell, who can see her "Cacti"-themed art on her way to Central High School every day.

Erik Zimmerman's theme "Icy Underpass" incorporates a picture of a local landmark and is located at Bowman Avenue and South Main Street.

Daniel Stover's work incorporates a picture and a quote of Eleanor Roosevelt; is is located at East Court Street and South Main Street.

Laurel Vaughan is involved in a local gallery on Main Street, as well as the Valley Educational Center for the Creative Arts. Her Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/LaurelVaughanFineArt/.

If you'd like more information about Sally Veach's art, you can visit www.sallyveach.com.