Local vape shop reacts to President Trump changing thoughts on ban

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV)— One local vape shop said they're happy to hear the president is apparently backing off from his plans to ban flavored e-cigarette flavors.

Dupree said the flavor ban would impact a lot of their e-liquid products. | Credit: WHSV

Keaton Dupree is the owner of High Voltage Vapor. Dupree said they had been worried when they originally heard of the possibility of the ban.

"It's absolutely amazing," Dupree said. "At the very least we've delayed this process. We still have lots of things to worry about in the future with flavors though."

Dupree said there's still the possibility a ban could come from someone or something other than the president.

"There were a lot of congress people, governors, politicians in general that are outraged that Trump did not ban flavors," Dupree said.

He added they're keeping an eye out for the possibility of other changes in the future.

At High Voltage Vapor, Dupree said many of the e-liquids they sell are flavored, and would be impacted by a ban.